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Academy of Cinematography


Namiq Mahmudov / Istanbul Technical University / 2019 / 6th Semester / Tutor: Meltem Aksoy

Academic of Cinematography

       Project is located on Kagithane, near the stream. The aim was to provide design-based education to the public. Gathering together and present teamwork performance was an important part of this project. Further, public transparency, landscape view, horizon, and accessibility to this design were key points.

       As title, my design was based on cinematography school. Within three main categories; directing, acting and screenwriting. Each of them has its own programs and special space for it. During education, all members will be socialized through the task an get a chance to share their works with the public on certain periods.

       P r o g r a m

       The program offers training under the title of directing acting and scriptwriting, which is one of the sub-branches of cinematography. Students in different age groups without any need to take advantage of this training will make an organized production by exploring different parts of the structure. Isolated Studios, sound recording rooms, cinema halls, and laboratories will accompany the students throughout the process and ensure that their production is enjoyable and quality with academic staff.



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