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An Urban Pandemic Dictionary: Special Anthology

Evelyn Fung (USA/Hong Kong) & Samed Kaya (Turkey)


// Pandemic and Everyday Life:

                                                  "An Urban Pandemic Dictionary: Special Anthology "

The Urban Screen & The Maze

The Urban Pandemic Dictionary is a project trying to redefine public spaces which are the most essential to us during the pandemic, the grocery, and the park. Through re-visiting the fundamentals of their existing definitions, we hope to reconfigure these spaces in response to the new practices and mentality developed during the pandemic. With the integration of technology, we are trying to create a new and sustainable way of social distancing. Through stacking individual outdoor spaces over each other and introducing a one-man width conveyance system in a contactless grocery, our prototypes offer a unique spatial experience as well as a fresh lens to look at the architectural possibilities that the pandemic could bring us. The Urban Pandemic Dictionary acts as a visual guideline that depict the complex relationships between the pandemic and existing urban space. As a design team, we treat this as a starting point. We believe it is important for us to rethink how we can create spaces that adapt and hybridize with pandemic stories, from the streets we walk through, home, parks, markets to even clubs. Since we are going through a process where the existing city infrastructure and our daily routines are turned upside down, a lot of our existing perspectives and perceptions should change.



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