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AURA - Kuruçeşme Art Center


Çağla Kaplan - Muhammet Ali Atmaca / Istanbul Bilgi University / Graduation Project - 2019 / Tutors: Alper Derinboğaz -

Kutay Karabağ

         Our area in the graduation project is Kuruçeşme Arena and Galatasaray Island. Kuruçeşme Arena is a Bosphorus village where Halide Hanım Grove is located on back side. Also, Kuruçeşme Park is located on the left side of the area and Cemil Topuzlu Park is on the right side. Although the 3 sides of the area is surrounded by green areas, the area in the current state breaks the connection between the green and the sea. 

      When we examined the other groves in Istanbul, we realized that the factor that cuts this connection is the main roads. However, we observed that the area itself was the cause of this.

In line with our analyzes and studies, we aimed to reestablish this connection, we have created a path line between the green and the sea. We used the follicles that can be turned into different functions at the points reached by the path. We used 8*8 m grids to strengthen the relationship between building, foli, and path. In the architectural decisions that we started by designing the open space, the general function of our building is the performing arts center. It has a musical theater, a drama scene and a museum of modern art.

The transportation to Galatasaray island is provided by the bridge extending from Cemil Topuzlu Park, which connects to two foli. Island is used as a festival area on the island and has a concert area, beach, pop and kitchen cafes.



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