İNAN Kütüphanesi / INAN Library


Furkan Filiz / Istanbul Technical University / 2018-2019 / Gradution Project / Tutor: Prof.Dr.Murat Gül, Dr.Cem Altun, Hasan Sıtkı Gümüşsoy, Prof.Dr. Çağatay Seçkin 

             Inan Research Library was designed according to the interactive learning principle, which is the learning approach of the 21st century. Inan Library building was designed by joining the existing Mustafa Inan Library to the Western Front. The building allows to collaborate with guest students coming from other universities with its structure that allows the lower two-fold free passage on the land on the access line to the dormitories. The circulation structure of the library is also designed as a continuation of the circulation axis of the existing library. This axis is reinforced with an atrium and is thought to turn into a main reading hall on the 3rd floor at the end of the atrium.

1.kat plan.jpg
çalışma tipleri.jpg

            The space created in the northern square of the Mustafa Inan Library has been maintained and arranged so as not to affect the existing sunset view. The existing square was collapsed to the west, allowing the free passage area to be created under the library. In the western part of the north square, the square was thought to be a public area by ending with a conference hall.  

vaziyet planı.jpg
Akso- arazi.jpg
3d kesit diyagram.jpg
exploded render.jpg
sirkülasyon diyagramı.jpg


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