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Linear Agora


Ata Gün Aksu / Middle East Technical University / 2017-2018 Fall Semester / Graduation Project / Tutor: Abdi Güzer, Lale Özgenel, Zeynep Mennan

linear agora.jpg

     Expo 2016 site is located in the eastern part of antalya, outside the city, which is surrounded by agricultural lands and villages and connected to the city by railway. therefore, the site is located at the border between urban and rural.

     Day by day with the expansion of urban through rural, physical boundaries between them are getting narrower. however, the reflections of technological developments cannot be seen in agricultural production and rural context, thus number of people moving from rural to urban is increasing due to the lack of work and education opportunities, resulting with the break away of everyday life from the landscape.

     The aim of the project is to create a hub, which is offering education and work opportunities for the young people related with agriculture, thus preventing the immigration from rural to urban, providing the necessary spaces to support better productivity and quality of life.

     While production, research and education are forming the first layer, a second layer, connecting the nodes, is proposed which hosts a market. these-days, affordable and accessible urban food markets are becoming more important with the need of fresh and healthy products. this market layer can also be called as agora.  

linear agora2.jpg
linear agora3.jpg
linear agora4.jpg
linear agora5.jpg
linear agora6.jpg
linear agora7.jpg

Modelling : Rhinoceros

Visualization :Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator



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