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Living apart, together

Behice Özer (Turkey) & Eduardo Coronado Castillo (Perú)


// Pandemic and Meaning of a Home:

                                                                    "Living apart, together"

'The issue is not to invent space and certainly not to re-invent it (too many well-intentioned individuals are already there to reflect upon our environment...), the problem is rather to question space, or more exactly, to read space; for what we call everydayness is not obvious, but opacity: a kind of blindness, or deafness, a sort of anesthesia.'


Georges Perec - Species of Spaces and Other Pieces


Our understanding of home started to change as we realized that while we sit inside of our apartments, we can be still present as a globally networked collective. This wasn't a change in the physicality of our homes but a change in how we look at it. While physical boundaries that we use as a definition of where our space starts and ends have become less and less prominent, we started to have a new understanding of borders.


When we seclude ourselves inside, we begin to realize that we are not alone in this; our houses are connected to endless arrays of different houses, all around the globe creating a network of human habitation.


We are living apart, but also together. 



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