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Serkan Taş (Turkey) & Büşra Üstündağ (Turkey)


// Pandemic and Cultural Transformation:


While pandemic creates a common time period for the events we experience and the emotions we feel, the places we experienced in this process in the individual and collective memory have also become closely related. It can be seen as a palimpsest in which the new experiences that we have experienced between the old normal and the new normal have many breaks, and the traces created by social and individual experiences are mixed together. This period, in which the transitions between scales are experienced very quickly, provides an opportunity for us to adopt a decentralized network type of thinking instead of a single-centered way of thinking to read new traces and to connect with old traces and to see everything together and in connection with each other. This process, which enables the formation of new thinking systems, at the same time, changes many definitions that we look at as unchangeable and that we are afraid to change the boundaries, and it also makes it necessary for all of us to create new forms of reading and vision. Therefore, as we move to the new normal period, it allows the formation of 'common' reading and vision patterns that we need to follow the references and traces of memory.



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