Museum of Fluxus


İlayda Keskinaslan / Bilgi University / 2017 / 7th Semester / Coord. Bora Mutlu, Eren Çıracı

Museum of Fluxus is a research of speculations on the contemporary urban void.


    In the main reference of this project, ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’ , Walter Benjamin mentions of the shift” in human perception and its affects, and the sense changes within humanity’s entire mode of existence. This substantially abstract and intangible concept had to have some sort of response in the material world. The concept of the museum evolves around the type of art that can not be reproduced, only can be understood by experiencing it. Just like Allan Kaprow’s ‘Happening’s. This is why the audience also becomes a ‘practitioner of space’.

    Buildings of the museum complex melts into the current flow of everyday life with a reference to the traces of the past, which has a fairly significant substance since the project is located in the historical center of Istanbul, Vezneciler. The complex uses the resources of the city, references real circumstances and uses narrative elements to expand the perception of its surroundings

The unusual curvy form of the museum is following the context of the design situates itself between emotion and rationality, between clarity and ambiguity, between fiction and reality. How may a space or a series of spaces illustrate a narrative of time, providing an archive of memory? The architectural ambition to create a building that can be inequable while being unarguably solid lies beneath this main idea of the Museum of Fluxus Project.

-exploded perspective

-site plan

-ground floor plan


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