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Herewearch is an independent student platform that is shaped by theme of design students sharing. We believe that design is powered by sharing by its nature. We want to take this sharing level one step further and we are pleased to announce that we decided to create an annual publication. This publication will find itself a separate place on our platform and each of our journals will be turned into an online magazine and shared on different platforms. Also, we would like to indicate that we will make our first journal ( co -times) into a digital exhibition.

For its inaugural issue, Herewearch choose co -times as a theme.

//co –times

co –times is a call for co-production. As the whole world, we are going through a difficult period. 2020, will marks an uncommon period that we remember it its uniqueness. Different countries, different cities, different people act with collective consciousness. We want to draw attention to the importance of co-production, sharing and cultural transmission in consideration of this extreme situation. Herewearch invites you a challenge that to think about the changes created by this current situation with a person you do not know but share the same condition and to make a small production together. Let’s create this together! 


First of all, we would like to point out specifically that this is a multi-disciplinary work so there are no restriction for profession or status or country. For participation, it will be enough to fill short registration form. When the registration part ends, the participants in database will be paired and we will share your contact information with your group friend.

The second part of the open call includes an exciting production process. This production process covers a period of about 7 days and includes various online meetings. The types listed below are for your consideration and inspiration. You can make any production by choosing any of them and thinking on it, or just document the current situation in a common language or whatever you want! Free yourself and your mind.




We observe in every way that pandemic causes an increase in demand in digital cultural events. At this point, individuals are seeking an intellectual development by taking individual actions. How has this changed our cultural identity in society?

How have your habits changed in the current situation? Maybe you are doing more research or you feel more competent about something. Do you think this will be permanent?




We know that people use social media effectively as a tool to stay connected during the pandemic. Could this communication way affect the use of social media after the epidemic?

Do you believe that social media contributed positively to human psychology in this process?

We witnessed that many crowdfunding applications are carried out on social media; we have seen that people share their experiences on social media. How would the absence of current social media applications affect this process?

How many hours do you spend on social media? Did you start sharing on different topics? Or do you prefer to stay as far as possible? Do you think people are sincere in this process?




Are you a house addicted person or a person who spends most of his/her day in different places and comes home to rest / sleep? 

With the Covid-19 pandemic period we are in, we spend more time at home than we are used to do. We started to use our house as our workplace, our coffeeshop which we always go, our gym already paid for months or our atelier to handcraft, what changes did this cause in your home?




How long does it take to prepare your meal? Has your eating habits changed?

Did less physical activity force you to a different diet? Or do you become more and more careless about this?

What do you pay attention to in your grocery shopping? Is market shopping a little walk for you? Or is it turning into a nightmare that you leave your safe zone behind?

Do the events you observe around you change your perspective? What kind of solidarity do you observe in this area? Even balconies may shed light on some issues.




Has your frequency of meeting with any friend increased compared to before? Do you now surprise someone who you have never remembered his birthday? Are these relationships permanent or just an illusion created by the current situation?

Do you think the epidemic strengthens the bonds between individuals in society?

Even if there is a normalization in public life, we know that it is stated by experts that the social distance rule will be preserved for a while, what effect do you think this will have on human relations?

We witness the creation of virtual communities over the internet during the epidemic, do you believe that these communities will turn into permanent human relationships?




How did the current situation affect you? People try to effectively manage not only their physical but also psychological processes with different kind of methods. So how successful are you in this management?

Did you feel the pressure to join the production community, where the current situation drags us?

Did you make radical decisions about your life in this process? 

Have you ever discovered a personal feature that you never had before in yourself?

Did you experience this process alone?




How has your relationship changed with the cat you neglected while you were busy with your How has your relationship changed with your pet that you neglected while you are busy with your daily life?

What difficulties do you encounter when you take your dog for a walk around? Are the sterilization measures that you have to take when you come home are a dissuasive factor for you?

Have you occupied a seat where your cat always sleeps at home?

We know that the physical and mental bond that pets establish with the person they live with is very strong. How did your psychology affect him in this process, what kind of changes do you observe?




How much do you listen to yourself in this Covid-19 period that we have not experienced before?

What do you willing to do during the day, what do you feel obliged to do? How does working as a home office, attending online classes or having your own meal at home regularly every day affect your daily plans? 

Would you normally have breakfast? Or are you waking up quite late from the time you need to wake up? 

Is it more difficult or easier to fulfill your responsibilities?




We welcome original works in any form that can be created as short text, announcement, story, collage, illustration, photograph, sound, video, poster, drawing, poetry discussion or a tiny production in the branch you want. If your shares are in written format, please limit it to 1000 words. Make sure that the visuals have a certain quality for the publication and exhibition to be created. (at least 300dpi). A brief abstract of the submissions is required (200 words or less).

For questions, please contact us at



May, 14 :  Registrations Closed

May, 16 : Online Meeting #1 for meeting forum

May, 23 :  Submissions Closed

May, 23 :  Online Meeting #2 for submissions presentation



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