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Elif Çivici / Istanbul Technical University / 2017 / Graduation Project / Prof. Ayşe Şentürer


Acropolis is the main descriptor of Athens since its existance. This up-town(Acropolis) which inspires the whole city, stays there as an object that reminds Athens of its ancient supreme past. It is the monumental state of the feeling of eternal respect and belonging to past.


    The dense concrete texture lying on the skirts of the Acropolis emerges as the greatest truth of Athens. All these repetitions emphasize, not diminish the magnificence of the dreamy hill. This may be a situation that most Athenians can understand, and it may even be necessary to own Parthenon to become Athenian. While being an active part of the city, the Acropolis, an active part of the city's transformations, has always been the place of ownership. (Athena temple, then treasure house, church in Roman times, mosque in Ottoman times)The acropolis, agora and other ancient remains are like extinct volcanoes. In the period when they were powerful, the city became influenced and centered, but according to the conditions they occupied, the structures continue to be descriptive due to memory and respect in the loss of their functions. Athens, the sanctuary, was taking its strength. But now it is respected as a symbol of old civilizations. But this supreme inspiration is now confronting just a landscape and a tourist attraction.



    Now the Acropolis is stable and protected as an object, despite all its infinity. But the actual city on the skirts constantly changes and continues to transform. When we look down and look at it, the city of Athens has gotten immigration after independence and the population has increased to 5 times in the last century. This increase brought with it uncontrolled growth and the city like many contemporaries; It was taken over by the apartments. Density increased and urban gaps diminished. It may be possible to say that these apartments, namely 'polychaetechia', are compatible with the Mediterranean spirit, are localized and are the main actors of the new urbanization. Athens, unlike Istanbul, does not become heterogeneous but repeats itself and gives the impression of homogenized bit city.


Does Athens need a new inspiration by redefining the urban life?


The osmosis of different forms of dwelling produces a new urban life This production holds on the localized repetition of the city, but it does not singularize and interrogate it. The model, which is touched not only given area but on the Athens scale. The programme collects and distributes its users in three main themes.



The problem of dwelling in the main focus of the project is examined in three different titles. The reinterpretation of the apartment 'polykatoikia' brings a new insight into Athenian’s housing needs. The common terraces, the use of the ground and the upper streets are used to create a physical environment with many encounters. The fact that the part that uses Air BnB is a significant number in Athens and the fact that the use of the hotel is in search of a new place has caused the need for a temporary accommodation unit. On the other hand, housing designs that allow the use of air bnb make the region attractive for guests. In addition, the conversion of apartment fragments (kitchen, terrace, stage) into public programs opens the whole city.


This is how the project that comes out with the idea that different forms of marriage and existence in the city are in each other



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