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In the digitalizing world, architecture education generally proceeds through computer programs except for simple physical tools. The fact that the programs lead to such dominance during the education phase, distances from the realities of architecture. Students who have completed their architectural education are faced with big differences compared to what they expect in their professional life since they cannot comprehend the basic concepts such as the necessary analytical thinking and accessing the current knowledge in their undergraduate life. Students who are not evolved in an interdisciplinary environment and who do not leave the computer, do not understand the necessary design principles and applications and thus lack the self-esteem that will trigger phenomena such as awareness and initiative thinking. Therefore, since they do not have the idea that 'I can produce and improve myself', young architects who are mentally at their most productive ages are employed as technicians in various architectural offices and deprive themselves from the creativity and ideas world of architecture. 


Just like a living being with a stomach only, a student tries to reach the end result without processing (digesting) the information obtained from the computer. 


What about an organism? 


According to the idea of organism, education indirectly supports the acquisition and production of knowledge that develops in different layers and aims to guide the student to deeply analyze the acquired raw information. In this way, it aims to enable the student to direct his / her own education process with the awareness and self-confidence regained. 


Education is nothing, willing is everything. 


Obviously, the groups of students who are working on the practices of knowledge acquisition and production during the education process are constantly improving themselves. 


     The artificial street, which includes the subway axis, the sea axis and the Persembe Pazari axis, extends in three directions and forms a passive (visual) interaction with the structure. So, it aims to give partial spatial experience to people other than the participants of the architecture school.


Design studios,  the most important part of the architectural education system, are located in the south wing of the building where informal practices are taught and applied. To separate the studios from each other, they are transformed into partially permeable spaces manipulating slope change  in elevations as opposed to using a full-impermeable material such as a wall or a full-permeable material such as glass. 


         The part where information production, distribution, and most importantly, sharing is made, is the most fundamental part that makes the organism unique. On the basis of structure; The joint working area is the area where the professionals working in the office develop projects jointly carried out with students and academics. Moreover, the library, which is integrated with this part, provides the necessary resources for the research process of the current projects. 


Each organism has a strong, central and 'emotionally perceptible' region. This region generally differs in appearance and function from other parts of the organism and is responsible for the viability of its structure. In terms of structure, various symposiums, activities and panels are used in this part to ensure the continuity of architectural education by creating a collective knowledge dissemination environment. 


The slope given to the vertical structural elements in order to carry the weight of the studio structure that on the sea, is aimed to make the whole structure rigid by combining with a slope towards the north of the system.


The oblique structure elements that arise as a result of the overflowing form of the building show continuity in all school and office parts.. As a result of the mass differentiation of the library, the structural system was designed with a more pragmatist perspective to carry the ramps and bookshelfs it contains. 


Modelling : Rhinoceros

Visualization :Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Umut Müezzinoğlu / Istanbul Technical University / 7th semester / Tutor:Belkıs Uluoğlu



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