What do we do at home?

Hüseyin Yeşilyurt (Turkey) & Zehra Özgür (Turkey)


// Pandemic and Meaning of a Home:

                                                            "What do we do at home?"

'Her Gün Aynı Şeyi Yapıyorum' (translated as 'Doing The Same Everyday') is a song to tell us the story of a personal confrontation in the quarantine session. In the course of confrontation, the depression that have been brought in by the routinised solitude grows larger with resignation and turns into a story of becoming free. The daily routine that is narrated in the song is illustrated with repetitive use of post-its notes. We have set ourselves daily objectives and personal responsibilities at the beginning of the quarantine session. Nevertheless, due to the fact that our lives have got more and more monotonous everyday, we have lost our resolutions. The arranged post-it notes represent iterant objectives and responsibilities, whereas our fading resolutions are reflected through irregular and sloppy use of the notes. While our lives have been withered by doing the same things everyday, we have again found ourselves doing the same things everyday as we have watched our lives get withered.


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